As Authorised Installers for Evolution Chips we offer a Professional Ecu Remapping service for Cars and Light Commercials.

      Ecu Remapping Increases the Vehicle Power, Torque and Fuel Economy often by remarkable amounts simply by rewriting certain parameters in the engine Programme, these parameters may well have been set at the factory to meet lower power options in the sales brochures for reps car tax breaks or road tax levels, be set to cope with low quality fuels in other markets, etc

      We can also, where we are permitted ,  Modify the DPF function, delete the troublesome EGR function. Note: Some vehicles may have locked Ecu’s from 2010 on. Remap prices from £249.00 inc.Vat.

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  1. 2)External Chip Control Mapping  * 2.0 Ingenium Disco Sport Now Available *

As your Authorised Installers for the Top Quality DPT Diesel & Petrol Tuning Chip Mapping we can supply and install this external Ecu control System which modifies the Ecu parameters giving a similar result to engine management Software remapping but without going into the Ecu hence it doesn’t matter if the Ecu is locked and you are protected from losing your performance enhancement if your vehicle has a manufacturer software update (which would overwrite your software  remap).

When changing vehicles the chip can be taken back  off prior to selling the car so that the unit can be reprogrammed and fitted to another car or sold on.

On the downside this system doesn’t give the facility to delete the Egr valve or Modify the DPF function

Priced at £320.00 inc. all Parts Vat and Fitting.

Ring 01527510483 now or email here for performance data

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1) Management Ecu Software Rewriting


  1. 1) Management Ecu Software Rewriting

  2. 2) External Chip Control Mapping.